12 December 2015

A Wildwood Christmas

Day Twelve - 13 Sleeps to Christmas Morning.

And I'm back and the Christmas preparation isn't going as well as I had hoped. But today had a few hours of Christmas in the form of our Ward Christmas Party. Our Young Women were in charge of the "Missionary Station" - a chance to write messages for our one serving sister from our ward and our two Elders and we had prepared the boxes and snowflakes last Tuesday.  A short program included a musical number by the missionaries before they headed off to work on the set for the Nativity Pageant. Yummy buns, soup and salads followed by delicious desserts. Elder Stone and Linford will get their boxes tomorrow after we finish packing them up. The Young Men were in charge of the photo booth. A sweet little boy from Primary agreed to be in the photo for me - this was how he posed. He thought it was hilarious!

I still haven't gotten any decorations up at home - thank goodness for my painters tape advent tree made by Jill. It has been lots of fun opening a small envelope each day to see what goodie, Christmas picture, or other surprise is inside. Hopefully I can get to it for Monday night! Tomorrow will be a busy Sunday.

09 December 2015

Christmas ReBoot

From the Nativity Pageant, Heritage Park, Calgary 2014
It's been almost one year. And what a year it has been. Life got crazy just before Christmas last year and I don't think there has been much of a break since. But I need to reboot, refresh and start again so this is a placeholder until I officially restart the blog.

So  - to review- I had started a kind of Christmas countdown and managed to post from December 1 - 11 in 2014.  My next new blog post will be December 12.

While you are waiting, you can revisit the first eleven.

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See you  again in 4 days!

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