03 May 2013

May 3 Photo: This is really good!

I took out one of the Young Women from my former ward (okay she was in YW when I was but she's 20 now) for a celebratory lunch as she received her mission call this week!  She is going to Scottsdale, Arizona.  It was great catching up with her as we talked about her process of getting her papers ready to submit and how she was feeling about leaving for the MTC in August.  She chose Montana's for lunch and admitted that the primary motivation for the choice was the dessert.  Shake'n Share mini donuts.  "Go to your happy place with eight warm mini domuts made fresh to order and tossed in powdered sugar right before your eyes.  Served with caramel dipping sauce." That is how the menu described them. I chose this for my 'really good' picture but not solely on the merit of these donuts (which were tasty) and more because hearing how excited she is and ready to go and serve on her mission is REALLY GOOD!

May 3 Photo 2: My Favourite Pastime

When you look at my calendar for May, it is clear that I like a night out. Although by nature, I think I am someone who thrives when I have time alone, I am risking my mental health this month by being EXTREMELY SOCIAL.  In the 31 days of May, excluding the time I leave my home for work and for church, I have a commitment outside of my home 29 days with only 1 evening free to do everything a person needs to do to maintain their life and (for me) sanity. Yikes. I can't complain. Most (not all unfortunately) are things I am tremendously looking forward to and have made the bookings myself.  (Good thing I'm signed up for some Mental Health and Wellness training at MRU this month - I may need it)

This includes lots of theatre (4 different plays), concerts,  a movie premiere (the new Star Trek, can't wait!) and a combo movie/concert (The Fellowship of the Rings on the big screen with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra providing the score).  

I have a lot of favourite pastimes and selecting one was difficult but for the month of May, enjoying the cultural benefits of living in Calgary seems to be the theme!

Photo a Day for May

I agree with my cousin, sometimes the day's photo assignment for the April photo a day from @fatmumslim was less than inspiring. I started noticing that many people on Instagram were using a different schedule than our April calendar that came from @realadampowell .  So for May, I have decided to draw from either of the two calendars that I've come across most.

Here's the alternate schedule I may use instead.

On May 1 I used the #fmsphotoaday theme of "I Bought This" but today I decided to spare you the detail of my morning ritual (nothing to see there) and I went with "Old" and shared some photos from family archives. So I actually didn't even take a picture - I don't follow the rules too closely. A loose interpretation works for me.

If anyone really has a preference of which photo they would like me to use (Mom - that means you), just let me know! And if I'm really inspired, you might get two photos. May is going to be a crazy month (mostly with FUN but some work commitments as well). Hopefully it will provide some great photo opportunities since I won't just be at my computer day and night.

02 May 2013

May 2 Photo: Old

Fred holding David, Sheila, Sandra and Hannah.  No DaVeeda but she'll get TWO pictures later!

Not sure about this street scene. It is looking east on 8th avenue around 3rd Street.  Waiting for a Parade?
Everyone is dressed quite warmly for it to be the Stampede Parade. Possibly the Santa Claus Parade then?

I finally got around to pulling out my scanner. Dad wanted me to get the slides scanned but I also had some Puzey albums to scan. So I've been working on both. I want to get the Puzey slides done before my trip to Utah and the slides scanned before the reunion.  It's been fun going through the albums. Some of the images are really faded and others have a horrible yellow scale on top of the picture. I've cleaned up quite a few but there are lots left to do. But for the theme of old, I wanted to share the pictures I've enjoyed every time I find another one.  

Street photographers captured life in many cities including Calgary. They would take photos of people walking down the street and then hand them a numbered card.  Later, a person could drop by their shop and order a print of the photo.  

I found six of these kinds of  candid photos in our family archives. I'm glad that Fred and Hannah purchased the snapshots for us to enjoy!

A young Sheila and Hannah

Sandra and Hannah

Hannah and DaVeeda

DaVeeda and Hannah with a change of season.

Hannah and Fred on a night out. I wonder where they were going to. 

01 May 2013

May 1 Photo: I Bought This

I enjoyed a night out with 2 friends from school days. It was great to reconnect after much too long! We met for a meal at Diner Deluxe. A retro interior that I loved and a Monte Cristo sandwich on the menu. It's been a favourite since Grandma Rhodes used to make them when I was a little girl. I ordered a root beer that is locally sourced from the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company in Canmore. Yum! We talked and ate and talked some more and vowed to do this again.

30 April 2013

April 30 Photo: Glasses

My glasses, which seem to spend a lot more time off of my face whenever I need to do close work, like functioning at a desk or with a book or using my phone.  Time for a new prescription!!

(Mom- there they are - all 30 days completed! I never knew when I started that it would become a homework assignment from you.  Glad you enjoy reading these.)

29 April 2013

April 29 Photo: I Wore This Today

One of my Christmas presents was a gift card for the Bay.  I finally took the time to go shopping when I drove down to Lethbridge a few weeks back. I dislike malls and shopping but when I am out of town, it just seems easier. This was one of the tops I picked up. Thanks Mom!

28 April 2013

April 28 Photo: My Sunday

A familiar path on Sunday
 My family typically gets together over Sunday dinner. So I make the trek on Sarcee Trail north and then back again south. This week, Sunday was a get together for my nephew's fiancee, Jazz's birthday. Mom wasn't feeling well enough to join us (and no appetite) so we let her rest. (Hope you get well soon Mom!! We missed you!)  The birthday girl picked the meal and it was BLTs, sweet potato fries and chocolate milkshakes. Crave cupcakes for dessert.

The Birthday Girl!

Rob was a rock star with the bacon. 

After dinner, everyone flopped down in the living room. Sam, Jazz and I went through the amazing book my sister put together about my nephew Tanner who is on a mission for the LDS church in Guatemala.  They are going in just a few weeks to pick him up at the end of his mission and will be visiting the areas he served and the people he taught.  The book covers all of these and is a great review of an amazing experience over the past two years.

It's always good to get together on Sunday. It was a short visit this time but we have Mom's birthday, Mother's Day and then Tanner coming home all in May! Lots of family time to come.

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