19 July 2012

More of the same

The view
A lovely way to start the day. It feels like a rural address on this side of the I-15. Just minutes from downtown and all that the city offers.

the library - lower basement

My vacation office hence the "more of the same" title.  I spent another full day at this table. Today's discoveries included the fact that William Henry Toone and Hannah Webb were married by Wilford Woodruff, and the sad tale of a civil war veteran (uncle to Lilly Root) who committed suicide in a park near his home.  It did not include any of the information I am still looking for - names to extend my line. Maybe next visit.

my dinner companions
After fighting the rush hour traffic, I made it back to the house for dinner with the sister missionaries. Sister Nethercot and Sister Tufuga. Leslie made a yummy meal. The sisters left a sweet message and spirit behind.

Jordan River Temple
The end of the day. Last session of the evening. Such a beautiful and peaceful way to end the day. The temple is beautiful with lots of crystal and gorgeous art works. I couldn't help but look at all the detail work in the ceiling painting and think of Jason working inside our Calgary temple preparing for its dedication this fall.

18 July 2012

My Third Great Grandfather

While shuffling papers  to prepare  for the research I hoped to do on the Rhodes line, I came across a note that gave the address of the last home of Henry Puzey.

Henry is my third great grandfather - his son is Henry William who married Lydia Pollard and their son is Frederick Puzey, and his son is Frederick Elmer Puzey - my mother's father.  Last visit I drove to the original Toone home and also tried to locate the Hunter home but it is no longer standing. I hadn't bothered to look for any Puzeys since I had incorrectly assumed that Henry had been residing with his son in Spring City. I don't know why I thought that since I knew some other details that clearly had him located in Salt Lake City.

Isn't this a beautiful home? It has a large shaded porch that wraps around the south side of the building. It is facing west with the mountains behind it.  It was built in 1890 - 3 years after his son had passed and 6 years before he did. His son Edwin lived in the house after that - I imagine until he died in 1965. It was last renovated in 1985.  Sorry folks, no "For Sale" sign. I wonder if it is still a Puzey living there.  I didn't see any signs of someone being home. 

To see Henry's picture and learn a little about his crossing to Salt Lake City, visit the "Our Pioneer Heritage" wiki.

17 July 2012

Salt Lake Temple

After dinner, we visited the Church History Museum to see the Ninth International Art Competition. You can follow the link and view an image gallery of all the art selected to be displayed (198 pieces from over a thousand submissions).  We voted for our two favourites for the Viewer's Choice awards. You can do that too by viewing the pieces online. Let me know what you liked.

After the museum, we walked over to the City Creek mall newly opened across from Temple Square. Great fountains designed by the same people that did the Las Vegas Bellagio fountains.
Then through the flower gardens - even at night, it is worth it to just smell them! The lights and the reflecting pond made a great end to the evening with this photo as the last one I took before getting in our vehicles and calling it a day.

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