07 April 2012

April 7 Photo: Shadow

The sun streaming through the front room window cast shadows of my terra cotta soldiers from Xi'an, China.

06 April 2012

April 6 Photo: Lunch

This morning I headed over to a friend's house to help paint her living room. I got most of the paint on the walls but not all of it. The 'professionals' were painting in the kitchen and hallways. It will look good when it is all done and is making me more determined to FINALLY get around to painting my place. Lunch was a nice treat after we finished the first coat.

April 5 Photo: Tiny

This is my tiny cat. So tiny that my iPhone can't focus in so I had to use my Canon. This little cat usually lives with a little dog inside a little tin box in the shape of a car. It wasn't a very good home since both the tiny cat and the tiny dog have lost their tails from rattling around inside the toy tin with all the other small toys.

04 April 2012

April 4 Photo: Someone who makes you happy

Lots of people make me happy and choosing just one is like having a favourite. But I didn't have to make the tough call because I only saw one member of my family today and he does make me happy!

This is my nephew, Sam. Or Sammy. I've been so lucky to have him on my campus as a student these past four years. His university career started with him needing me a lot more than he does these days. I was a sounding board and an editor for his early papers. As the years have passed, he has learned how to punctuate much better and has a pretty good head on his shoulders for making decisions about classes and topics. And he will soon graduate University.

Back when he was shorter than me, he used to come by my downtown office for tutoring. My colleagues remember that little kid who was learning math and can't believe it is the same young man who towers over me now! He hasn't had to call me for much help this year (well there still is the occasionally request for a second set of eyes on a paper) but he always appreciates a free lunch! I knew the photo assignment so yesterday I texted him to invite him for lunch today and he had turned me down because of a group presentation meeting but at the last minute today I got the text - "I think I can come now.. if it's not too late". Yeah! I always enjoy a visit with him and today was no exception.

Tomorrow's assignment is tiny.  Easy for me with my penchant for small things.  And I think I am actually posting this before my cousin!

03 April 2012

April 3 Photo: Mail

Today's mail at work - JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS!

Mail is fun to receive. Well, not bills, but real mail. Do you get much real mail these days? Even families with missionaries often use e-mail now - how fun is that?

At Christmas time, some people send Christmas cards by mail. I really do plan to do that someday. I even had it all organized that I would make 2011 the year of sending Christmas cards, but then something happened to completely derail Christmas at my house. Or at least the cards and baking and decorating parts of Christmas. Maybe 2012??

Yesterday was a fun mail day because I have a neighbour who put a little surprise in my mailbox. Not your typical mail though.

Today's mail at work was just like Christmas. BOOKS!! Love getting new books. Even if they are about Grammar.

April 2 Photo: Colour

I used to make Artist Trading Cards. And then I would meet with a group of creative individuals once a month to make some trades and bring home some even better cards.

Today I got a lovely e-mail reassuring me that although it has been some time since I've been able to join in, I am still welcome and on the mailing list. I think I need to pull out my supplies and make some more cards. A four day weekend is coming up. Is it a possibility? How busy will I be? 

April 1 Photo: Reflection

This weekend is the LDS Semi-Annual General Conference, broadcast around the world. And so I have pretty much spent it in front of the TV watching the Saturday and Sunday sessions. And not trying to look presentable to the world so this is as much of a reflection of me as you are going to get.

 I have this picture upstairs in my house. The picture is of the First Presidency of the Church - President Thomas S. Monson, Elder Henry B. Eyring and Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  These men are apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ and have shared some inspiring and important messages this weekend. The assignment is appropriate because that really is a big part of attending conference. Spending some time reflecting on how you are living your life, what your priorities are and what changes you want to make moving forward.  A great way to spend a spring weekend. Lots to think about! They post the talks online at the link above if you want to check out what was shared.

April Photo a day Challenge

Okay - The March Challenge is over and I had fun with it. So here we go with April. And I know I'm posting this three days late, but I've had a fair share of technical issues over the past 5 days. So although I've been taking my assigned photo everyday, I just haven't been able to share them. I'm catching up now.

I've been happy to follow along with my cousin's photos though! She has a great blog here and has been faithfully posting her picture each day. Guilt! But I'm glad to see what creative ways she puts her new camera to use.

You can still join in! I mean - really - I obviously don't have a problem with playing catch-up so why should you? :-)

If you share your photos on Pinterest or Instagram or Flickr or... any of the social media where you tag things (including here) you should tag your photos with #photoadayApril

Or just go to one of those social media sites and search for that tag.  Here's the results for a search of pictures on Instagram. There are A LOT of people doing this as well! And because it is a world-wide activity, some posts will be for the day before and others will be a day ahead.

Okay, I need to stop writing and get to the photos...

March 31 Photo: Where I Relax

Where I relax with my books, movies and music.

This weekend is all about relaxing in front of the TV - more in the next post!

March 30 Photo: Toy

Small toys from the Toy Tin
I keep a round tin of small toys for when I have younger visitors to my home. There is a selection of larger toys for even younger visitors but it has been quite a while since I have pulled that one out. It is amazing to see the kinds of stories and play that can come out of such a random collection. A little tin of imagination.

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