08 March 2012

March 8 Photo: Window

Like my blue bear? A souvenir from my trip to TESOL 2009 in Denver, he stands looking out of my 2nd floor hallway window onto my backyard. It makes me smile every time I pass him.

Here is the original looking into the Denver Convention Center as a snow storm was descending on the city. By Lawrence Argent - this sculpture is called "I See What You Mean".

March 7 Photo: Something you wore

Camelbone bracelet
The "something you wore" assignment was causing me stress, as I got ready for work and wasn't going to be wearing anything worthy of the daily picture. Then I saw this camelbone bracelet on my dresser and thought it might do. It was a gift from a dear friend who lived in Aswan, Egypt for a year and is something quite unique for me. A few months after her return, I was able to stop in Egypt myself and got up close to a few camels. I didn't take the opportunity to ride one but I certainly won't forget soon what they smell like! Glad I don't have to deal with that when I wear this lovely bracelet.

07 March 2012

Wednesday Wisdom

Frost crystals, originally uploaded by whistlepunch.
"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake." ~Francis Bacon

March 6 Photo: 5 p.m.

The sun begins its descent - windows in my office.
EB Bissett Hallway

Five p.m. and still at work. Actually - I was still at work until 9 p.m. A very long day and the reason I am posting this late.

There were a few students and teachers still around at 5 - just behind me are the stairs down to the second floor lounge where some dedicated students were quietly reading textbooks. And about 30 minutes after this picture, the class at the end of this hallway let out and the students filled the hall.

Today's assignment - something I wore. No idea what that will be yet.

06 March 2012

Tuesday Trivia: The Oreo

In honour of the 100th birthday of the Oreo cookie, here's a little Lonnie Mack and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I used to play this song on my radio show at the CKUL.  After a little punk, new wave, world music, I'd move on to a jazz set and finally I would break out the blues. And if it was getting too heavy, I'd throw this in. A favourite.

05 March 2012

March 5 Photo: Smile

I ended up working from home and not finding a suitable subject for my assignment today, I made my plan. In my Resolutionary Challenge (now in week 8), our wildcard assignment for the week is to pamper ourselves. I was looking forward to gathering all the lovely lotions, bath soaps and other pampering gift items that I enjoy receiving but never seem to make use of! So with a night in planned, I figured an easy way to get a smile was to wait for the steamed up mirror after my candlelit bubblebath. Only if you put all the candles along the counter, the mirror stays warm and no steam appears. I didn't think that through very well!  It was a lovely way to end my evening, only now I didn't have the picture I intended.

So on went the snow boots and coat with my hair still wet and I ran out into the backyard to capture a smile. The snowfall has turned the back yard into a zen Christmas card - lovely branches covered in snow-- so peaceful. And back inside for a cup of tea before bed.  I know most of the others doing this photo challenge are in Australia, but this is what March 5 looks like in Canada.  Goodnight!

Monday Musical Interlude

Working at a computer is not nearly this much fun! (Full disclosure: I found this on Saturday and time dated the post for Monday mid afternoon break. I am actually working right now.)

04 March 2012

March 4 Photo: Bedside

Bedside table
 This was an appropriate assignment today since I felt under the weather and spent most of the day next to it. My bedside table is a little worn... a treasure with a missing history. I found it in the very very back of my grandparents' attic and my uncle kindly let me claim it as my own. It is missing a drawer pull and I think it once had a mirror but I don't mind.  I cleaned off all the years of accumulated dust and dirt and have been using it ever since. I found a similar piece of furniture when I visited the Stephansson House Historic Site just south of Red Deer. I asked about the furniture and they believed other than a few special pieces, most were the typical furniture of the day purchased from a mail order catalogue and so this was probably the same.

On it are a few of my favourite things.Starting on the left:
  • a small sunstone replica from our trip to Nauvoo, Illinois,
  • a beautiful vase from a good friend with gerbera daisies as my flowers for this week, 
  • a phrenology head (I've been fascinated ever since I found the report on my great great grandfather's examination!)
  • a doily and bird statue that were my grandmother's,
  • a photo of my grandfather as a young boy with his parents in a cart pulled by an ostrich,
  • a mother of pearl inlay box from Cairo,
  • and a small Eiffel Tower from my trip to Paris with my nephew.
  • The alarm clock is the same clock I purchased before going to live and serve in South Korea as a missionary.
  • No special story for the lamps - both from IKEA.
  • The empty space is where I put magazines, books, scriptures - all my reading material which for the sake of the picture is still piled up in the bed where I was using it.
The display rotates frequently as I move my treasures around the house often. Sometimes there are a lot more birds. And occasionally a small sheep.

Tomorrow's assignment is a smile. Who will be my model?

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