03 March 2012

March 3 Photo: Your Neighbourhood

Photo collage: From top left clockwise: Pearl Express - local Chinese takeout; Saigon Palace - tasty Vietnamese; Sushi Bar Ren - Japanese;  and E-Mart -the Korean grocery
I didn't make it out until after sundown to get my daily photo. While I went out to wash the car and drop off the recycling, I was on the look out for a good photo for the theme "Your Neighbourhood". One of the things I love about my neighbourhood is the convenient access to great Asian food. Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. I took pictures of the 4 closest leaving out one Vietnamese since there are two just across the street from each other. I included Sushi Bar Ren when in fact, I actually don't eat Japanese often and when I do, typically go a few blocks further to a place by the University. But all of these are within a 5-10 minute walk - really close and I take advantage of that whenever I have a craving. I've been visiting the Korean grocery the most lately and cooking at home. Yum!  Now if only a Thai restaurant would move in! 

02 March 2012

March 2 Photo: Fruit

Red Apple against a Green Apple wall
With a bit of cheese? With peanut butter? Any way you like it! Yum!

March 1 Photo: Up

Ascending to the theatre.

Tonight was "The Comedy of Errors" broadcast from the National Theatre in London with the hilarious Lenny Henry in the lead role of Antipholus of Syracuse. So much fun! Loved the frenetic finger snaps whenever The Syracuse duo became spooked and the Romany minstrels playing Tears for Fears and other great Brit bands between scenes. 

Even though this is an early comedy of William Shakespeare and could be considered "frothy", the director found a way to bring issues forward and create touching moments in the reunion of the family.

A fun night out and I am excited about upcoming shows - including a double  rescreening of Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller swapping the two lead roles on alternate nights.

Enjoy this promotional clip!

01 March 2012

March Photo Challenge

From the blog: fat mum slim

Found this on pinterest (yes, I am one of those "pinheads" now). I haven't done anything with my camera for a while. I haven't even posted my pictures from my Mediterranean cruise to Flickr yet! So since I missed doing the 365 366 day photo challenge, starting out with just one month may be doable. Although last time I attempted a photo challenge, I made it all the way to day FOUR before I gave up. Oh well. Here we go again. Let's see how I can do.

Click on the image or caption link above to see the original post. I'll be posting to Flickr with the tag "Marchphotoaday".  A few may even make it here. Join me if you like!

Time Enough at last!

No, it's not fair...

29 February 2012

The Periodic Table Table - finally!

Back in the day when I was a science geek (my brain has obviously atrophied in that respect) I was in an advanced high school option for chemistry. It allowed me to attend a University of Calgary chemistry class while still in grade 12. Actually, the project was to work with the professor and my science partner, Anne Kondo, to build a physical representation of the periodic table. We studied the different properties of the elements, researched some of the storage issues that would need to be considered and worked on a physical design of the layout to house these elements. And in between working on this, we prepared solutions, cleaned beakers, and attended the first year class. We never did see our display through to fruition - the semester ended and we had had more problems than we could address in the one term but I always remember the fun we had leaving Sir Winston Churchill to "play" at being research assistants and University students.

After high school, I was still thinking about pursuing Chemistry, or Chemical Engineering, as a profession. At least that was until I ended up in my first year Chemistry class at the University of Lethbridge. It ended there. On a broken chair in the largest lecture hall, I lost my love of science. But that is a different story.

Today, as I was going through my Google reader, I came across Theo Gray and his Periodic Table Table. And I remembered how much fun high school chemistry was all over again. Our table was white - we did get it built, and it had tiers. It was "spacey". This one is beautiful. I'm glad I found this. It makes me happy.

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