11 February 2011

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Page Turners II: Canada Reads Winner: The Best Laid Plans by Terry...: "The Winner for 2011 I just finished listening to the final session of debate for Canada Reads online. This is a great series that ..."

08 February 2011

Valentine's Tulips, originally uploaded by whistlepunch.

Triple Treat!

Just wanted to express how grateful I was today for three happy surprises. A Mavis Staples CD in my mailbox at work, a shared ticket to Theatre Calgary's upcoming show "Much Ado about Nothing" and a beautiful bouquet of pink and purple tulips. All three for very different reasons but all appreciated so much! Another day with unexpected smiles.
Dinner and a show with a sitting ovation

Okay - not dinner, it was lunch but I've never heard "lunch and a show". A bunch of us from work went out for lunch on Monday ...through the very deep snow. I drove and barely made it into the parking lot of the restaurant on 17th Ave after snow plows built up a barrier in the driveway. Luckily, made it through after gunning it.  Lunch was delicious - Vietnamese - yum!  The restaurant is called Cochichine if you want to try it out.  Halfway through lunch another group was seated on our side of the restaurant. My back was to them but after a few minutes, this is what I turned around to see.

(Thanks to Audrey for discreetly getting this picture for me!)  After lunch, as we drove back to the office, we turned up a side road and in front of us was a city van stopped in the middle of the road and six people out behind a truck pushing it away from the curb.  It took a bit of effort but the good Samaritans managed to finally get him over the ruts and on his way.  As they turned around to climb back in the van, our carload were all applauding with our mittens on. One saw us, pointed it out to the others and they curtsied and bowed as we continued to show our appreciation.  A good laugh and smiles all around on a very wintery day!  Hope everyone made it out and about safely!

07 February 2011

I love Flickr. I really wish my photos were more deserving of an audience but someday I hope to rectify that with some instruction. Until then, I am a very happy amateur just taking snapshots of things I find interesting to look at. Last week my photos had very nearly 4000 views - in one week. And this is by far my most "popular" photo in the collection. If you saw the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice, you saw this statue at Mr. Darcy's house. I saw it at Chatsworth - the home that could have been the inspiration for Jane Austen when writing about Pemberley. It truly is a magnificent work of art - you want to pull back the veil and even standing next to it you can't believe it is made of marble and not a thin fabric covering her face.

If you click on the photo, you can go to its page on Flickr and find a closeup as well on the right side of the page. And if you were one of the 4000 views, thanks for stopping by.
Calgary, Alberta Temple Construction: February 5, 2011

I follow this blog with pictures of the construction going on in Calgary's north west. Check out the progress!

Page Turners II: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson: "The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America  World's Columbian Exposition: Court of Honor, ..."

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Okay - I have other blogs as well - one for ESL students and one for ESL teachers... but they aren't ones that I'd ever update on Facebook. Twitter? sure - that I use for ESL and Edtech mostly. And then the wikis. And now I'm playing with other things like Prezis and Voicethreads. Is it too much? Should I turn off the computer once in a while? Well, I do and then I read a BOOK!!

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