08 August 2009

85 hours to go before I'm in the air and on my way to London. Put that way - it is clearly impossible for me to be "ready" by then. Sure, I can throw clothes in a bag, rip pages out of the guidebooks, and grab my camera and passport (no comments please, family) - but I may leave a few loose ends back this way. So I'm making the list - and doing what I can... Blogging about this is NOT on the list so that's it for now.

10 May 2009

Flashback - I remember playing with my Spirograph - drawing out kaleidescopes with different sized rings. Here's a fun website to revisit the experience!

09 May 2009

A fun word game using dropping scrabble tiles - Deep Leap. The letters drop down into a row. You create words to use up the letters and see the number of tiles counting down. If you can't find a word before the row fills, you may have a letter shift off the screen to allow a new letter to drop and you will no longer be able to use it. Tricky but fun... just make sure you don't end up with a line of vowels like I did!!

17 February 2009

Fun with time lapse photography in different locations - drag the triangle around the circle to view "Their Circular Life".
Check out artPad - Paint, splatter and add text to your masterpiece.

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