20 August 2004

Found this one on a site for developing ESL teachers. I'm no game player, so I can't do this at all but maybe you can keep this guy on the tightrope and if you are really good, try to actually get some points!

29 March 2004

Attended an ATC workshop and trade at the SAAG in Lethbridge. The guru in residence was none other than Chuck Stake,gallery, aka Don Mabie.

06 March 2004

All the Classic '80s Games : Play Now!
I don't know how but maybe you can find a way out of the CRIMSON ROOM. Oh, but be warned... the translation from Japanese into English is really bad!!!
Making fiends, Making fiends, Vendetta's always Making Fiends; making fiends while Charlotte's making friends! Watch all 7 episodes.

04 March 2004

A blog with some strange images... worth a glance through the archives inBoring3D.

02 March 2004

Well, someone actually read my blog!

okay, the truth is that they read it a year less two days ago. It's probably a case of "What have you done for me lately?"

Therefore, I hereby resolve to spend more time updating the foolish links I enjoy so much so that Easternblog will come back and visit sometime. Maybe I can find her another link to enjoy as much as she liked Piggy and Puppy.


29 February 2004

Another weird Japanese game. Different things happen depending on the order you choose the objects in. Play with this one and watch it GROW!
Okay... finally a new game! This one is Japanese and you just need to keep your eye on the box which the arrow is pointing to as the boxes get shuffled around. See you you can win at 8up!

01 February 2004

Hi Monkey is always a fun choice. Here he explains how to predict the weather using a groundhog. You can follow the link back to learn more about Groundhog's Day and how to make your own Groundhog burrow cookies.

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