27 October 2003

Well, another reason to own a GPS reader from Magellan. If you are in Alberta, you could help to photograph a measurement of longitude and latitude which hasn't been taken yet. Check out DCP: Canada : Alberta at the Confluence Org.
A BioMotion simulation of someone walking. Can you replicate your stride using the BMLwalker?

06 October 2003

October brings all the ghosties and ghoulies out to play. Here's a fun little activity made by Erica Mulherin to make Monsters! Enjoy!

01 October 2003

Check out the random web designs of Strange Banana. I can't believe I am now paying attention to this stuff. How far I have come in 3 weeks!
Ewww! This is a strange little timewaster. Why anyone would want to do this to an eyeball? And why would I have made note of it..........

19 September 2003

What's the deal? I see a pirate movie, we read a pirate novel for bookclub, Survivor has a piratey theme, today my students did a grammar exercise with a pirate reference and now I discover that today isTalk Like A Pirate Day - September 19!!! It's all a bit spooky!

03 September 2003

Just walked by Cynthia and was introduced to a very relaxing but I'm sure addicting site. Check out the puzzles at Jigzone!

04 August 2003

19 July 2003

Googlewhacked again... this time it was "randomizer begonia". Makes no sense but only generated one listing on a google search so it official classifies as a "whack".
Just in case I hadn't posted this before... I had run across the idea of geocaching over a year ago now and still have yet to try it. Lack of a GPS tracker is the biggest stumbling block. It sounds like great fun! Check this site out if you haven't discovered this hobby yet!
Gentle games for gentle folks at Orisinal. Try catching bumblebees in bubbles or avoiding puffer fish as you float in the ocean!

22 June 2003

More photo fun at the 800x600 Project! Collages in this project are made up of 64 pictures. Submissions open to all!

20 June 2003

Check out my LOMO home... the place where I can share the fun I have with my Supersampler. There was a short article in our local press that led me to the website. More pictures on it soon!

28 April 2003

Oh this one is fun! I like the takes for the website address and fluffy puff marshmellows. And Strong Bad's email!!! Thanks for sharing this one, Sam!

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