10 October 2001

I followed a maze of string leading me under the table and around the potted palm until I arrived at a site that asks the essential question "Why did the squirrel jump onto the electrical transformer?" Scores of the great (and not so great) minds of all time starting at Aristotle and continuing to Yoda are represented among the answers along with musical accompaniment. I had a good chuckle at some, glanced over others until my eyes fell on one name and I felt I had jumped onto the electrical transformer as well. Ralphie made the list. Check out the Royal Canadian Air Farce version (Skit 7) of our premier.

09 October 2001

Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend and I'm done with turkey. I introduced my nephew to the site for Sodaplay and he became absorbed in it. It has more redeeming qualities than the site he shared with me!

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