04 October 2001

Watched the episode on terrorism done by The West Wing last night. Very much a first year dialogue from PoliSci 101 but an interesting way to not have to deal with the particulars. My primary source of enjoyment came from the food references. I had just asked my roommate to get me some apples at the store so I could continue my nightly apple and peanut butter ritual. It was great to know I'm not the only one! I was introduced to this treat by an exchange student from Japan.

Good to know I'm not alone.

03 October 2001

I still haven't figured it out. That would require 'time' and I have been busy with work and life and random play. Outside of leaving work early because of the bomb scare in the building. After the 'events' earlier this fall, that seemed more ominous than it did last winter.
I'll have to go watch the news and see if anything came of it. I'm sure some student had a test and didn't prepare.

01 October 2001

I'm listening to Christine Lavin in concert from the archives of Testing Testing. Monday night concerts will now become a regular draw for me.
I'll come back and update this when I know what I'm doing.

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