25 December 2001

My six year old neice got many interesting presents for Christmas but the one she hasn't put down is her Crest SpinBrush. The surprise hit of the season.
My nephew just told me that the skateboard park here in Calgary is the largest public outdoor skate park. I had no idea.

13 December 2001

Enjoy a little Christmas on the web with the advent calendar at Hoopla. Great job!
Sam introduced me to an online version of pictionary at Shockwave called Inklink. We had fun cheating at it. I'm sure the rest caught on when I guessed lemon and he hadn't drawn anything but a scribble.
I enjoyed the Harry Potter movie but of course the books are much better. I'm expecting the same reaction to Lord of the Rings. Go and find your hobbit name while you are waiting. I am Prisca Moss of Lake-By-Downs. The movie looks stunning but I pictured hobbits very differently.

07 December 2001

I'm back. I haven't been online as frequently in the past month, and when I have hopped on, it's been to chase down research for second language teaching. I've learned a lot but the fun factor has definitely been missing. Time to reclaim it!

30 October 2001

I wanted to know how common my surname is in the United States on this site's Popularity Index and found out it is #295 on a list of 50000. I had no idea! No wonder I've followed a few false leads when trying to track down some genealogy research.

16 October 2001

Well, 'Bronco' won the mayoralty race tonight but I think life would be more fun if Pete Sadlon, future ruler of the world, had had about 70,000 more votes!

14 October 2001

Finally, a sweatshirt that answers for me when I hear the question "Are you ever going to graduate?" I will always be a student in some form!

10 October 2001

I followed a maze of string leading me under the table and around the potted palm until I arrived at a site that asks the essential question "Why did the squirrel jump onto the electrical transformer?" Scores of the great (and not so great) minds of all time starting at Aristotle and continuing to Yoda are represented among the answers along with musical accompaniment. I had a good chuckle at some, glanced over others until my eyes fell on one name and I felt I had jumped onto the electrical transformer as well. Ralphie made the list. Check out the Royal Canadian Air Farce version (Skit 7) of our premier.

09 October 2001

Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend and I'm done with turkey. I introduced my nephew to the site for Sodaplay and he became absorbed in it. It has more redeeming qualities than the site he shared with me!

04 October 2001

Watched the episode on terrorism done by The West Wing last night. Very much a first year dialogue from PoliSci 101 but an interesting way to not have to deal with the particulars. My primary source of enjoyment came from the food references. I had just asked my roommate to get me some apples at the store so I could continue my nightly apple and peanut butter ritual. It was great to know I'm not the only one! I was introduced to this treat by an exchange student from Japan.

Good to know I'm not alone.

03 October 2001

I still haven't figured it out. That would require 'time' and I have been busy with work and life and random play. Outside of leaving work early because of the bomb scare in the building. After the 'events' earlier this fall, that seemed more ominous than it did last winter.
I'll have to go watch the news and see if anything came of it. I'm sure some student had a test and didn't prepare.

01 October 2001

I'm listening to Christine Lavin in concert from the archives of Testing Testing. Monday night concerts will now become a regular draw for me.
I'll come back and update this when I know what I'm doing.

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